Asian Sesame Chicken Salad


2 x heads of romaine lettuce

⅓ cup shredded carrots

½ cup shredded purple cabbage

⅓ cup mandarins 

1.5 cups sliced breaded chicken

¼ cup cashews

½ bottle Yo Mama’s Asian Sesame Dressing


¼ cup Asian salad topping 

2 tbsp sliced green onion

2 tsp sesame seeds



  1. Roughly chop the 2 heads of romaine and place in a large salad bowl 
  2. Top with the carrots, cabbage, mandarins, breaded chicken, and cashews. Toss salad
  3. Add in ½ bottle of Yo Mama’s Asian Sesame Dressing and toss salad  until evenly coated in dressing 
  4. Garnish with Asian salad topping, green onion and sesame seeds. 
  5. Enjoy!