Monster Burgers


4 x beef patties

4 x pretzel burger buns

4 tsp yellow mustard

4 x butter lettuce leaves

4 x dill pickle slices

4 x marble cheese slices

4 tsp Yo Mama’s Spicy Ketchup 

8 x whole green olives 



  1. Grill 4 beef patties until they’re fully cooked and set aside
  2. Slice 4 pretzel buns in half lengthwise. On each bottom bun, spread yellow mustard evenly
  3. Next, add the lettuce and beef patty
  4. Place the pickle slice starting in the middle of each patty to resemble a tongue sticking out of the burger
  5. Slice triangles out of each cheese slice on one side to resemble teeth. Add them on top of each pickle slice 
  6. Add Yo Mama’s Spicy Ketchup near the sliced side of the cheese 
  7. Place the top piece of the bun on top of each burger
  8. Stick toothpicks into 2 whole olives and stick them on top of each burger to resemble eyes
  9. Enjoy!